Throughout my life, I've been an avid fan of video games. I started out by playing primarily on the GameCube and DS when I was really young; some of my favorite games were Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, early Madden games, and Mario Kart. I then graduated to the Wii, where I enjoyed Guitar Hero and got more into sports games (like Madden, FIFA, etc.). Then, the Xbox 360 with NBA Jam and more sports games (now adding NBA 2k and some baseball games), and eventually the PS4 with famous titles like The Last of Us and Detroit Become Human. That's also where I got into more serious competitive gaming with Fortnite first and then Rocket League. Today, I play on PC, and my primary focus is competitive Rocket League.

My peak rank in Rocket League is Supersonic Legend, which is the highest rank in the game. I have been ranked at least Grand Champion since season 13 (at which time it was the highest rank in the game). I first played competitively for UMD, where I played on a few different teams vying to qualify for Collegiate Rocket League (CRL), but we were never able to. I also ran the competitive teams there for a year. Now, as a graduate student at UT, I play for our top competitive team, and we qualified for CRL in Fall 2021 (you can see the clip of our comeback to qualify here).

If you're interested in hanging out and watching my stream, you can do so at

CECC Atlanta 2022 LAN Event

A team picture from our first LAN together. We had a top 8 finish in the event.

Below are a couple montages from UT and UMD.

Also, check out some of my other favorite clips below!